Smart Education in Ireland : What Attracts Big Tech Companies to Ireland?

In recent years, Ireland, and the city of Dublin in particular, has established itself as a popular European base for American technology companies like Google, Facebook and more recently, Twitter. It’s a commonly held belief that they choose the affectionately nicknamed ‘Emerald Isle’ because of low taxes designed to attract such businesses. While that’s certainly part of the equation, it turns out that there’s actually far more to it.

Although tax is important, other countries like Estonia and Cyprus also offer good deals on this front to companies coming in from abroad, says Shane Nolan, Vice President of Content at IDA Ireland, the organisation charged with attracting foreign investment to the country.

Instead, Nolan believes that Ireland has succeeded in creating “the best blend of offering” for US tech companies looking to cross the Atlantic. A strong skill base is central to that – not just in software development, but a wide range of specialisms across a talented, young workforce.

The economic collapse in Ireland, which saw property prices fall through the floor in Dublin, has played into the technology industry’s hands, helping generate a lower cost of living than rival hubs such as London’s Tech City. Nolan says that this has allowed Dublin to make a name for itself as “A cool place to go if you’re a talented young developer.” Indeed, employers such as Google (with a 2000-strong workforce in Ireland – its biggest outside its home in Mountain View, California) attract staff from across Europe.

Venture capitalist Brian Caulfield of DFJ Esprit has watched Dublin’s technology hub evolve and throws a few other factors into the mix. Ireland is part of the Euro currency zone (making trading with much of Europe simple and inexpensive); it has a very supportive regulatory environment – everything from R&D support to labour laws that make it fast and easy to establish a company; it has a good education system and deep talent pool, and strong business support services such as experienced commercial law firms and accountancy firms.

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